Let’s use Technology for the Best!

Get to know us

Innolab is a technology driven company which works in both Waste management and Robotics/ Artificial Intelligence in the education sector.

Our Environment division is focused on machineries that have low impact on the environment, reduce carbon footprint and generate income generating opportunities for entrepreneurs. Our machineries are affordable and serve the larger sect of the community like panchayats, municipalities and corporations.

Our Education division provides tools and technologies for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence education in schools and colleges. We have served over 100 schools in Kerala and one of most robust AI tool providers which is in use at engineering colleges, IHRDs etc.

Our Vision

To bring robust technologies in Environment and Education sector at competitive pricings affordable to all and accessible to the needy. To bring a shift in the attitude of people who work in these crucial sectors. To encourage entrepreneurs to come into these sectors which are ever growing and ever changing with introducing robust business models.

Our Mission

  • Educate, train and develop new entrepreneurs
  • Train and educate panchayats, municipalities and corporations in the usage of new technologies which also work on the UNSDGs
  • To promote UNSDGs through our technologies with substantial data
  • To reduce carbon emissions through our technologies
  • To grow the carbon credits of the company