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Let’s Tinker!

ATAL Tinkering Lab (ATL)

A futuristic Lab at your school!

Educational systems are changing! Schools are changing! Teachers and students are also changing! In these times when everything is fast paced and things happen at the click of a button, equipping students with the skills of the future is what NITI Aayog thought about. In order to create a neoteric generation of children who can be entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists and actual contributors to the construction of a better India, ATL is funded by Central government with a Grant-in Aid of INR. 20,00,000 over a period of 5 years.

Trainer at innolab teaching students electronics in palakkad

An Investment in Education gives the best returns! Students from Victory English Medium School in Kerala during a workshop. Students practically explore concepts in physics, mathematics and learn how to integrate their learning in the fields on bio-tech, bio-medicine, agriculture and much more.


Artificial Intelligence for students in the CBSE curriculum. Mapped to the units given in the elective subject for grade 9 students. Teachers are replaced by experiential learning, live classes and recorded expert videos. All this at your comfort and pace… no hurry!

Let’s learn something new!

AI CBSE Unit Mapped

CBSE AI unit made simple!

Artificial Intelligence has been given as a paper to chose for Grade 9 students in CBSE across India now. Students can chose the subject as an elective subject and learn by themselves. Without a teachers’ support this learning can be made simple with the use of a unit based course. This course can help you align yourself with the CBSE units and make this journey a piece of cake.

Let’s be creative!


Put your tinkering hats on!

DIY tools for beginners, basics of robotics, designing circuits, IOT, robotic arm, usage of robotics in medical and biotech, Arduino based products, raspberry based products for advanced learners. Smart devices, ground breaking products to critically think, improve computational thinking, design thinking an enable to solve day-to-day problems.

python programming, pictoblox, scratch programming for children

Learn to code using Python or Pictoblox. Pictoblox is based on Scratch, the 3.0 version is user-friendly, fun programming and gives immediate gratification. Python is a detailed step by step instructional module especially for grade 8 and above.

online courses at innolab palakkad

Online education for professionals and students right from school to university level. Learn AI, coding, 3D printing and using CAD program, understand electronics and various sciences. School syllabus for CBSE and Kerala State are available as well.

Let’s learn together!

Online Courses

Learn something new today!

Online courses along with the necessary equipment give a good start to beginners interested in understanding the domain related to robotics. Learning at the comfort of our own homes, self-paced programs, quality lectures, forums for discussion make error resolving and sharing with other learner from across the world a great interactive experience.

Interested in DIY?

3D Printing

Explore 3D printing DIY projects here. You can design a file and even share your project here for everyone to follow your lead. We are always on the look out for contributors… read more.

Home Automation

Are you looking for “Home Automation” related projects? Do you have a unique project to share? Are you interested in developing a prototype, then join hands with us.… read more.

Social need thinking

We always encourage projects that can create social impact. If you have an idea, want to develop it further, need technical support, we are here to help. Do you need to mobilize a product?… read more.

Other Projects…

Robotics is everywhere. Soon it will be an irremovable part of our lives just like mobiles. Honoured projects will be funded for further R&D, so don’t forget to send a bio of… read more.

Want to make a Robot?

What Our Customers are Saying

Mrs. Madonna P.M, Ex-Principal, Palakkad

Education related to streams of the future with deep knowledge, practical facilitation is what Innolab gives.

Ms. Praseeda J, Physics Teacher, Ernakulam

“Products like Mike-bot and Evive give a good start to students in prototyping and basic robot building.”

Dr. Abhijeet, IIT, Palakkad

“Innolab is equipped with components for advanced learning in electronics, mechanical and prototyping.”

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