Underground Sewage Treatment Plant. Reuse the land above for parks, playgrounds, driveway, parking space, cafes, gardens. Enjoy Maintenance free STP.

Liquid Waste Management


Zero Power. Zero Odour. Zero Chemicals. No need to appoint anyone for maintenance.

Decentralized STP. Apartments, Hospitals, Resorts, Schools, Colleges.

Biodegradable Waste Management Solution

Tallboy- Compost Bins

Homes, Offices, Restaurants, Communities, Municipalities

Affordable composting bins, hazzle-free usage, no electrical requirement, 100% rich fertilizer. We also provide buy back plans when you setup this composting unit.



The Community Composter are large enough to decompose daily municipal waste including chicken waste! No need to add a separate chicken or fish rendering plant! Decompose in the most natural way.

Sanitary waste incinerator

Sanitary Waste Incinerator

Innocare- Sanitary napkin incinerator & Vending machine

Schools, Colleges, Apartments, Old Age homes, Hostels, Resorts, Hospitals, Municipalities, Panchayats

Low power consumption. No Human Intervention. Free technical support. Site installation support. 24/7 customer service.

sanitary waste incinerator

Vending Machine
Fully automatic coin operated (Electricity needed)
Fully automatic button operated (Electricity needed)
Manual coin operated (Electricity not needed)

Comes with:
A wheeled frame
2-Stroke petrol engine
120 Liter bin
Modern, compact ergonomic design

Public area Sanitation


Roadsides, Parks, Colleges, Municipal areas, Sanitation workers

Reach difficult areas on roadsides, spot-cleaning made easy, quick roadside cleaning.

Non-Biodegradable Waste Management

InnoShred- Plastic Shredder

Waste Processing centers, MCFs, MRFs, RRFs

Material to be shredded:
Polythene bags, milk pouches, Shampoo and medicinal bottles, toy waste, packing plastic, household plastics, oil and food containers, food plates, straws, spoons, Aluminium cans, Tetrapacks, cloth waste, wirewaste, rubber waste, cardboards, paper, etc…


Easy to operate, Training provided. 100% Maintenance provided. In custom capacities.

Upcycled pavers from 100% MLP and SUP from legacy waste or landfills.

100% MLP and SUP Upcycler

Paver Upcycler

MLP waste upcycling, Footpaths, driveways

Build roads and driveways using 100% MLP or SUP from legacy waste.

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