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Innovation at it’s heart, Innolab is constantly working to improve the quality of machines but keep in mind the cost of production and end user pricing. The InnoShred is the first in line of many machines available to recycle plastic waste in your locality and make recycled products out of the same.

Plastic has a lifespan of over 500 years making it a tough waste to handle but with Innolab such a problem is converted into products that can give space to circular economy and manage waste in the most environment friendly way.

Material to be shredded:
Polythene bags, milk pouches, Shampoo and medicinal bottles, toy waste, packing plastic, household plastics, oil and food containers, food plates, straws, spoons, Aluminium cans, Tetrapacks, cloth waste, wire waste, rubber waste, cardboards, paper, etc…

We are looking for entrepreneurs to take up plastic recycling as a business opportunity. Are you interested?

Be a change ambassador you can promote circular economy while giving employment to many through your entrepreneurial venture in plastic waste management. If you are interested in recycling and saving the environment as well as make money, we can help you!

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