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  • Needle file set includes – flat file, half round, flat warding, triangular, round, and square file
  • Each file is crafted from alloy steel – high carbon steel ensures longevity and strength
  • Perfect for numerous uses – including shaping soft metal, wood, and plastic
  • Apply to filing or finishing metal surface of workpiece, holes, slots, slit corner region

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Round steel file-this round file tool for enlarging round holes; filing a bevel on curved edges; cleaning out tubing half round steel file or equaling file- for filing the inside and outside of rings, flat and curved surfaces, tight areas and corners of hobby file kit flat steel file – this metal rasp for filing grooves and getting into narrow slots, keyways, acute angles and wedge-shaped openings flat warding steel file – this flat file tool for filing corners and slots square steel file- for making round holes into square holes; refining slot corners; filing flat and straight angles triangular steel file – for filing corners, holes and edges; cutting less than 90-degree angles

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Weight .240 kg
Dimensions 29 × 18.6 × 3.3 cm


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