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  • Stanley hot glue gun, you can perform a set of tasks, such as securing wooden furniture and fixing fabric covers of your cushions, all by yourself. In just about 60 seconds, this glue gun fixes things. That’s not all, it comes with a trigger-feed mechanism which ensures that the glue flows only when the trigger is pressed.
  • It would take 5 minutes for the glue to reach the working temperature (if the power input is 220-240V AC, 50Hz)
  • Time to wait for glue stick to melt – 3-5 min for corded.
  • Please use standard 12mm glue sticks only
  • Disclaimer: The glue gun can get heated up if used while charging in corded state. The product nozzle will be at 190C while charging and the body of the glue gun gets warm
  • Fold-out stand for safe handy storage while in use
  • Trigger-feed mechanism controls glue flow

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Are you looking for a glue or gum that can be used to secure your wooden furniture or even the fabric cover of your cushions? Then you must pick a hot glue gun. Hot glue guns are a rage now because of their convenience and multipurpose use. Hot glue guns use hot melt adhesive to glue any surface together. And since they use thermoplastic adhesive, they are a lot more effective than the usual glue. Stanley brings you the Gluepro Trigger Feed hot melt glue gun which is easy to use and extremely effective in securing various different kinds of surfaces. Own a Stanley hot melt glue gun and experience the difference. The hot glue gun can be used on number of surfaces with equal ease and effectiveness. It is the ultimate answer to all your DIY requirement. Be it a new bookstand that you are working on or a little pouch to hold your stationary, a hot glue gun can come in very handy to glue it all together. The hot glue gun is actually the go-to product for a number of household projects. And since it is effective on a lot of surfaces, whether plastic, wood or fabric, it is a practical choice for a lot of consumers.

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