Drone Kit Pluto Drone

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  • Build the drone yourself
  • Learning while having fun!
  • DIY -> self trouble shootable
    • Start with extremely simple “Alt Hold + Motion Control” mode
    • As you become more proficient, move up in difficulty levels to the “Throttle mode + joystick” !


    • Block Programming for beginners
    • Easy to programme through Cygnus IDE
    • API structure means thousands of lines of coding reduced to just a few tens of lines
    • All codes are open sourced for tinkerers’ benefit

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Pluto 1.2 is an upgrade of our previous product Pluto 1.0. Pluto 1.2 is the ideal kit for you to get started on drones and drone programmingPluto 1.2 is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit to help you learn by doing.

We have learning content to guide you through the drones basics and curricular science applied in the drone. We have designed C++ based programming experiments to get you started. We have also created block programming experiments for those with no programming background. Keep Flying!

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Dimensions 20.4 × 18.3 × 8.1 cm


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