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Best Organic Waste Converter Machine TALLBOY® 

Fully Automatic Organic Waste Convertor, are an unique systems to enable “zero garbage zones” for a better tomorrow, starting with semi-automated machine up to fully automated PLC-based machines for apartments, home, commercial and industrial sectors at affordable price in India, to convert your organic segregated waste into rich quality compost.

Starting price Rs 90,000.00. Capacity: 50Kgs to 5000Kgs Per/Day

OWC Machine (Semi-Automatic) For Apartments

OWC Machines TALLBOY® are bundle of high-speed shredder and composting bin with inbuilt curing (no foggers needed in our system). Available in capacity range 50 Kg/day to 5000 Kg/day.

  • Productivity: 30%
  • Operator requirements: 1 for capacities up to 500 Kg/day, 2 for 500-1000 Kg/day
  • Operator skill level: Unskilled operator like housekeeping staff
  • Price of compost production: Rs.3 to 5/- per Kg

OWC Composting Machine (Fully Automatic)

Fully Automated OWC Composting Machine TALLBOY® is a plug-and-play device. Ideal for commercial spaces that generate food-laden pizza boxes, paper plates, areca plates, biodegradable waste, kitchen waste, wet waste, and food waste. Available as 50 Kg/day and 5000 Kg/day models. No heater, built-in curing.

  • Productivity: 30%
  • Operator requirements: Nil
  • Operator skill level: Unskilled
  • Cost of compost production: Rs.2 to 3/- per Kg

MSW Customized Solutions

A municipal biodegradable waste composting plant is a serious issue in many places; Reason being, lack of space, management issues, open pile.  This situation can change with Tallboy municipal plant. Great business option for entrepreneurs as well.

Looking for easy Terrace Garden pot?

  • Grow upto 100+ vegetables/ plants in one pot
  • Aids Urban farming.
  • Grow veggies on your terrace.
  • Grow fresh vegetables on the balcony.
  • Space required: Of your Dining chair.
  • Grow fresh and nutritious vegetables year round.
  • Self-sustaining community

Easy business! Add it to your nursery business or Planter store!

We welcome nursery owners who want to add an innovative product to their bucket.

Buy Garden pot from us at best dealer prices, for all your terrace, balcony and vertical gardening needs. It is a unique solution that can grow organic & nutritious food at home in abundance. Grow more than 100 plants in as little space as a chair.

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