100% Multilayered Plastic and Single Use Plastic Upcycler
Make Pavers- The eco-friendly way!

100% MLP and SUP Upcycler

Construction material production from Multilayered plastic which are the toughest to degrade and recycle. This upcycling process can make upto 1000 paver blocks from over 2 tons of MLP or SUP. The SUP can be used directly from the legacy waste dumpsites without any cleaning at all.

Government organisations can use the pavers to lay in the footpaths, government buildings, roads etc. Private entities can use the pavers for their driveways in apartments, community spaces etc.

This eco-friendly paver is a great way to support nature by reducing the usage of natural resources.

This machine can be bought at MRP. 12,00,000.00 for production of 100 pavers per day.

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