Codeavour 2020 AI, the biggest international online AI and coding competition for kids, is back with double the fun and learning! Create innovative AI projects in PictoBlox and make the world a better place with your awesome AI and coding skills. Explore the exciting worlds of AI and coding and develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication – the four C’s of the 21st-century skills – to create solutions for real-world problems. This is YOUR chance to compete with 5000+ teams from 30+ countries in the largest international online coding competition for kids and show the world what you’re made of!

Competition Guidelines

How to participate


Awards and Prizes

Apple iPads

One winner in each age group

Smartwatch Kits

Two 2nd-runner ups in each age group

Educational STEM Kits

Two 1st-runner ups in each age group

Special Category Awards

Winners in each age group

All the winners will also receive a medal, certificate, and the official Codeavour 2020 AI t-shirt.

School Responsibilities