Artificial Intelligence Basics I & II

Let’s get SMART!

Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Artificial intelligence is gaining the spotlight across applications in our personal and professional lives. We need to take charge of preparing ourselves and our students for the future. As a 6-13 year old student, your child requires to apply logical thinking and must know how to program a computer using logical sequencing, this is what this course on Artificial Intelligence is all about. Problem solving is an additional skill picked up along the program. Give your child the ability to solve problems by criticially thinking during this pandemic times. This Artificial Intelligence course for kids just does that!

What kids will learn?

Artificial intelligence and computer vision
Computer Vision
What computer vision is, its applications, and how to identify celebrities, brands, etc in images using computer vision
cognitive artificial intelligence
Speech Recognition
How speech recognition works, and how to make your own virtual assistant that recognizes your requests using speech recognition
Artificial intelligence and face recognition
Face Recognition
How face detection and recognition work, how to identify features such as gender, age, and emotion, from a face
Artificial intelligence for kids
Machine Learning
What machine learning is, machine learning basics, and how to make ML projects such as a pose classifier

AI and Optical character recognition
Optical Character Recognition
What optical character recognition is, how it works, and how to identify handwritten and printed text using OCR
Artificial intelligence and ethics
Ethics in AI
Why ethics are important and what AI ethics you should follow while making your AI and ML projects

Using Pictoblox, students will be explosed to learning Artificial Intelligence through logical sequencing. Once after they learn how to apply logic, coding becomes easy.

Enroll in the Course

One year access of the online course
Quizzes & assignments
Certificate of completion
10 x Live tutoring session (Group: 7-10 students)

One year access of the online course
Quizzes & assignments
Certificate of completion
10 x Live tutoring session (One to One)

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